inBalance Counselling Services - Oakville

Dawn L. Nichol

Are you...

Feeling anxious/depressed much of the time?
Feeling dissatisfied with your relationship/marriage?
Worried about someone’s drinking or using drugs?
Concerned about your own addiction?
Angry or overreacting to situations in your life?
Feeling irritable, restless and unhappy?
Feeling overwhelmed about your family or work life?

Benefits of Counselling

  • increase insight and self-awareness
  • assist in the process of changes: making changes in behaviour and thoughts
  • improve self–esteem & self confidence
  • improve communication skills
  • improve relationships
  • greater peace of mind & improved sense of well being
  • reduce anxiety, depression, worry, or guilt
  • improve problem behaviours
  • improve concentration
  • relief from stress
  • increased ability to cope with symptoms, stress and trauma experiences
  • gain specific skills, such as: assertiveness; coping strategies; problem solving skills
  • to have a safe place and a specific time to focus on self







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